We are looking for one radiologist to the department in Torsby

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Vacancies in Värmland County Council


We have 5 x-ray departments in the county under the same leadership. One in the town of Säffle and one in the city of Kristinehamn, these two departments are small effective units open daytime weekdays. One in the town of Arvika and one in the town of Torsby, these departments are a little bit larger and have service 24 hours all days. The biggest x-ray department is in the Central Hospital of Karlstad. Together we do about 145-150 000 investigations every year.


X-ray department with modern equipment, do about 20 000 ex/year.

MRT (will be installed 2014)

CT (1 GE 64 slices)

US (1 GE)

Gastro (1 Siemens Luminos)

CR (1 Siemens Aristos)

General information

We are looking for one radiologist to the department in Torsby. All the departments are “production” units, we provide healthcare and there is not so much research going on.

We are completely digitalised, we have Sectra  RIS and PACS with a common database for the county.

Coming to Värmland and work as a radiologist it is necessary to quickly learn the language, I also think the “healthcare culture” in general, as well as in radiology, is a bit different from Southern Europe, so there are a lot of new things to confront. In some sense this means going back to an educational environment for some time. We are already “multicultural” among the radiologists with colleagues from Estonia, Hungary, Poland, Iraq, Greece and Sweden of course.

Landskap Torsby

About Torsby

Torsby is a city situated in nothern part of the county. Torsby has about 4 000 inhabitants and is the county seat of northern Värmland.


Torsby Innere Medizin by Medicalax


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1 Lena Rattfeldt 6 november 2013 kl. 10:43

Ett förtydligande.
Vi har inte en Siemens Aristos i Torsby på CR lab utan ett Mediel Adora

MVH Lena Rattfeldt Labansvarig akutlabb 1

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